The heartbeat of St. John

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BY Nick Morgan

17 March 2016

In love with Love city.

St. John is often thought of as a sleepy vacation town and that it is but at its epicenter cruz bay is always in constant motion. Cruz Bay is home to most of St. Johns restaurants ranging from small little food shacks to five star fine dining(our personal favorite in Cruz Bay is La Tapa which has seasonal jazz sessions a well as excellent food). Also we would also suggest zozo's which a amazing Italian restaurant but it is not actually in cruz bay but it is just a short taxi ride away.There is plenty of shopping from your normal island trinkets to your obligatory "I love St. John" t-shirt to quite a few small art galleries. There is definitely a shoes optional hippie vibe to cruz bay but at its heart is a luxury waterside hang out spot. Many of the little restaurants at night transform to local hangout spots and pubs so into the late hours of the night there is always socializing and good food and drink.


There is no airport on St. John and most people get there via ferry which runs every hour from 5am to 11pm which you would take from either red hook or charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas so if you are not staying in one of our villas on St. John and just want to hang out cruz bay is just a 15 minute ferry ride away. There is also a car ferry so if you were renting a vehicle while staying in St. Thomas you could take your car over and explore at your own pace. Getting a car might actually be a good idea because if there is one negative is that St. John is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world such as trunk bay and hawks nest beach but from cruz bay it is definitely not recommended to go by foot because it is quite a hike especially on a sunny day . If you are not renting a car there are plenty of taxis on stand by waiting to take you to your next spot on St. John.


Cruz bay is one of my personal favorite places to hang out out of all of the islands I have traveled to. It is the one place I go to and I am automatically a local the moment I set foot on the cruz bay dock. There is no high pressure vendors or shops(at least in comparison to other islands we have traveled to). The great thing is that everything is in walking distance and taxis are so easy to get. St. John as a destination is a bit more compared to other islands but it is well worth it considering once you are there you are guaranteed to not want to leave. Friendly people ,good food and beaches just a few moments away. I am not sure what your definition of paradise is but cruz bay surely is mine.